Tarping Systems

Tarping Systems are a great investment for Dump Trucks & Trailers. Whether front-to-back or side-to-side, we have you covered. We offer Premium Polished Aluminum and Galvanized Steel. Browse our variety of Hauling and Waste/Refuse Systems.(Electric, Semi-Electric, and Manual options are all available)

A Tarping System easily pays for itself through what you save in time and money. It takes 15 minutes to attach a tarp; a Tarping System gets the job done in thirty seconds. You'll also appreciate an automated system if you ever encounter sites that don't want you getting out of your truck. With one of these systems, you can sit in your cab and extend and retract your tarp with a quick press of the switch.

Flip tarp systems are an excellent choice if you're hauling rock, sand, asphalt, or other construction materials. Our aluminum front-to-back, direct drive tarp systems are 40% lighter than similar steel systems. They look clean and professional and will not rust. External mount systems mount on pivot pins on the side of your truck. Our tarping systems come with all parts and hardware, including steel torsion springs, a direct drive motor, and a centering flange to keep your tarp in place and prevent arms from banging into the dump body or tarp housing.