Ballistic Mesh Material

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  • Manufacturer Kym Industries, Inc.
  • Part Number K-714BALLM1P
  • Denier 1000
  • Tensile Strength 200 x 250
  • Temperature Resistance -40F to 172F
  • Custom Tarps For custom made tarps, please give us a call at (334) 886-7772!

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Introducing the Ballistic Mesh Tarp – the pinnacle of advanced protection for your valuable cargo. Engineered with cutting-edge ballistic technology, this innovative tarp redefines the concept of load security and safety, ensuring unparalleled peace of mind during transport.

We will offer Ballistic Mesh while supplies last. For lead time, if any, please give us a call!

Standard Features:

  • (1) 6" Vinyl Reinforced Pocket
  • (Other End) Grommets evenly spaced with webbing
  • (Long Sides) Grommets evenly spaced with webbing

Key Features:

  1. Maximum Security: Crafted from state-of-the-art ballistic fibers, the Ballistic Mesh Tarp offers a new level of cargo protection. It's designed to withstand potential impacts, projectiles, and unforeseen hazards, creating an impenetrable shield around your payload.

  2. Versatile Defense: Whether you're hauling high-value assets, sensitive equipment, or critical supplies, the ballistic tarp delivers adaptable protection against a wide range of threats. From potential punctures to ballistic risks, this tarp has you covered.

  3. Innovative Ballistic Design: Our unique ballistic mesh design combines robust protection with optimal flexibility. This ensures your cargo remains secure without restricting necessary movement, setting a new standard for load containment.

  4. Secure Fastening System: The ballistic tarp features a specialized fastening system that keeps it firmly in place, even during high-speed transit. Say goodbye to flapping tarps and the risks associated with unsecured loads.

  5. Weather-Resistant: Designed to excel in all weather conditions, the ballistic tarp maintains its integrity against rain, snow, UV exposure, and more. Your cargo remains safeguarded regardless of the environment.

  6. Easy Application: Installing and securing the Ballistic Mesh Tarp is a breeze. Its user-friendly design ensures hassle-free deployment, saving you time and effort while enhancing operational efficiency.

  7. Durability Redefined: Built to last, the ballistic tarp is engineered for long-term durability. Its resistance to wear, tear, and abrasion guarantees consistent protection over countless trips.

  8. Certified Assurance: The Ballistic Mesh Tarp undergoes rigorous testing and certification, meeting or surpassing industry standards for ballistic protection. Rest easy knowing you've chosen a product that prioritizes safety.


Measure the width of your tarp roller and subtract 4" to get your tarp width. This will prevent the tarp from bunching up on the sides of the roller. Add 2' to the length of the body to get the tarp length. This will leave extra tarp on the roller and help with uneven loads.