Sling Shot Semi-Automatic Tarp System

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Product details

  • Manufacturer Tarping Systems, Inc.
  • Part Number T-SLINGSHOT-WH
  • Coverage Up to 30' Bed

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The Slingshot Semi-Automatic Tarp System is a modern Front-to-Back Dump Truck Tarping System that is semi-automatic and easy to use. With this kit, simply use the rope to pull the tarp over the load, and slowly release the rope to allow the spring-loaded tarp axle to retract the tarp. Optional upgrades and tarp choices are available to customize the functionality and appearance of your Tarping System.

System Features:

  • Fits lengths up to 30'
  • Adjustable width from 78" to 102"
  • Heavy duty extruded aluminum tarp axle
  • Adjustable steel tarp housing
  • 24' nylon pull rope and box hooks
  • Pull bar assembly with aluminum end foot caps and pull bar retainers
  • All Necessary Hardware for Installation

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