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About Us

Kym Industries, Inc. is a manufacturer of Tarps, Landfill Covers, and Container Liners along with Tarp Systems for Dump Trucks, Trailers, Dumpsters, and Roll Off Containers. Since Kym Industries, Inc. is a Manufacturer and not a re-seller (avoiding a middle man or online distributor), we are able to pass on huge discounts to our customers. Our customers know that each day, all we will be concerning ourselves with is the quality of our products and making sure they get there in a timely manner. When doing business with us, you know that there are no hidden costs. All tarps that we manufacture include webbing all around the hems, vinyl reinforced pockets, double stitching, and grommets all around at standard spacing at no extra charge. We can build any tarp to your specifications, including landfill covers, transfer trailer tarps and vinyl tarps. All Tarping Systems are made from top quality aluminum and steel. We always have service and quality in mind for you the customer.

We are proud to say that Kym Industries, Inc. takes pride in every tarp we sell, and we look forward to doing business with you and your company.