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  • Manufacturer Kym Industries, Inc.
  • Part Number K-4612KW1P-LS
  • Denier 1000
  • Tensile Strength 200 x 250
  • Temperature Resistance -40F to 180F
  • Custom Tarps For custom made tarps, please give us a call at (334) 886-7772!

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Introducing the Kym Weave Tarp – the pinnacle of advanced cargo protection, engineered with cutting-edge Tevlar technology. This innovative tarp sets a new standard in heavy-duty hauling, providing unmatched strength, durability, and security for your valuable cargo.

Standard Features:

  • (1) 6" Vinyl Reinforced Pocket
  • (Other End) Grommets evenly spaced with webbing
  • (Long Sides) Grommets evenly spaced with webbing

Key Features:

  1. Tevlar Reinforced Excellence: Crafted with precision using Tevlar fibers, the KymWeave Tarp offers unparalleled tensile strength and resistance. Tevlar's exceptional properties create a robust shield that safeguards your cargo against impacts, abrasion, and potential hazards.

  2. Extreme Durability: Built to withstand the harshest conditions, this tarp is designed to endure the test of time. The Tevlar-enhanced construction ensures long-lasting performance, reducing the need for frequent replacements and saving you money.

  3. Secure Load Containment: With its reinforced edges and cutting-edge fastening system, the KymWeave Tarp guarantees your cargo stays firmly in place. Say goodbye to concerns about material spillage or unsecured loads – your haul is protected and contained.

  4. Versatile Adaptability: Whether you're transporting heavy machinery, construction materials, or equipment, the KymWeave Tarp adapts effortlessly to different load sizes and shapes. Its customizable fit ensures optimal coverage and protection.

  5. Effortless Handling: Despite its robust nature, the KymWeave Tarp is designed for user convenience. Its manageable weight and user-friendly features make installation, adjustment, and removal a breeze.

  6. Advanced Tevlar Design: The unique KymWeave not only provides unmatched strength but also enhances airflow. This aerodynamic design minimizes wind resistance, potentially improving fuel efficiency and reducing operational costs.

  7. Weather-Defying: Rain, snow, or sunshine, the KymWeave Tarp stands strong. Its weather-resistant properties keep your cargo dry and protected, ensuring your load arrives in pristine condition, no matter the elements.

  8. Certified Excellence: Rest assured that you're investing in a product that meets or exceeds industry standards for cargo protection. The KymWeave Tarp undergoes rigorous testing and certification to deliver unmatched quality and performance.


      Measure the width of your tarp roller and subtract 4" to get your tarp width. This will prevent the tarp from bunching up on the sides of the roller. Add 2' to the length of the body to get the tarp length. This will leave extra tarp on the roller and help with uneven loads.