4 Spring Aluminum Tarp System (78")

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Product details

  • Manufacturer Tarping Systems, Inc.
  • Part Number T-PAT-4SP78-A
  • Type Front-to-Back
  • Coverage Up to 20' Bed
  • Style Electric

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This is a complete bolt-on kit (no welding required) (tarp sold separately)

This is a 100% complete 4 Spring Electric Polished Aluminum Front to Back Flip Tarp System for your Dump Truck or Trailer. The Polished Aluminum Arms will never rust and are 40% lighter than steel arms. This is a 4 Spring Dump Truck Auto Tarp Kit with telescoping arms that will cover up to a 20' bed. Cover your loads with ease without having to leave the safety of the cab.

This kit contains 78" lower arms which is the perfect solution for shorter dump trucks and trailers. The 78" arms eliminate the need to be cut down for proper fitment on shorter applications.

This kit includes:


    For tarp size, please measure inside to inside of where axle/motor will be mounted, subtract 4" and that will be your width. For length, please measure from where the axle will be to the tailgate, then add 2'.

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