Tarp Tensioner Assembly

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  • Manufacturer Tarping Systems, Inc.
  • Part Number T-TARPTEN

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The Tarp Tensioner Assembly is designed to prolong the life of your tarp. Made from polished aluminum, the Tarp System Tension Bar keeps your tarp pressed tightly against the load to prevent the tarp from flapping due to the wind–the leading cause of tarp wear and tear. The Tarp Tensioner Assembly is compatible with our Patriot series manual and electric aluminum tarp systems.

Standard Features:

  • 103" Aluminum tension bar arms
  • Aluminum cross tube
  • Mounting hardware
  • Patriot Rubber Bumpers

We recommend using a tarp tensioner assembly when there is a significant distance between the tarp spool and the top rail of the dump body. The gap caused by this distance allows wind under the tarp and leads to violent flapping that will shorten the life of your tarp.