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This 3 piece adjustable tarp axle can be adjusted from 93" - 110" without cutting. This tarp axle is a telescoping design.  For applications narrower than 93" the axle can be slid apart and cut then reassembled to accommodate the narrower width. The tarp axle has an extruded design that allows for spline, bolt-in, or bolt & nut tarp installation. This new tarp axle has plastic bushings in each end and is pre-drilled to accept the motor shaft and stud shaft.

At Kym Industries, we always strive to bring the highest quality items to our customers at an unbeatable price. We've improved our aluminum tarp axle to offer the same dependable performance, but at significant cost savings. Our aluminum tarp axle now comes as an easy-to-install three-piece assembly to reduce shipping costs for our customers.

Aluminum HD Extruded Tarp Axle 3 Piece Telescopic Design (Adjustable from 93" to 110")

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