Aero EasyCover 595 Electric HD Aluminum Dual-Shaft 10-Spring Flangemount Tarp System for Dump Bodies

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  • Manufacturer Aero Industries

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Aero's EasyCover model 595 is an electric tarp kit featuring heavy-duty aluminum arms with dual-shaft 10-spring flange-mounted design ideal for scrap and demolition trailers.


    • Ultra-HD adjustable one-piece swing arms provide stability while maintaining a DOT-safe 3-inch width.
    • The pivot technology on the spring mounts gives you extra rotation and tension, meaning they can be easily mounted at the base, middle, or top of your dump body.
    • AeroMax motor maintains a 3" width for DOT standards and features an all-metal construction, venting and internal cooling to regulate temperature in any weather conditions, built-in manual override, and self-locking gears.

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