4 Spring Aluminum Arm Set with Springs & Hardware

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  • Manufacturer Tarping Systems, Inc.
  • Part Number T-PAT-4SP93-PTP

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This kit contains everything you will need to install a completely new arm set on you truck. Whether your repairing a damaged arm set or just updating your truck or trailer this kit has it all from Pivot Pins to Springs, Lower Arms, Upper Arms, Cross Tube, Patriot Rubber Bumpers, and all required hardware. This Arm set is used for trucks up to 23' in length.

What's in the Kit:

(1) Aluminum Lower Arm

(2) Aluminum Side Arm with 90° corner

(3) Welded in 90° Corner for the Aluminum Side Arm

(4) Adjustable Aluminum Cross Tube

(5) Bed Mounted Pivot Pin

(6) Spiral Torsion Springs

(7) Stainless Steel Bushing

(8) Metal Snap Ring

(9) Rubber Bumper

OPTIONAL: This kit can come with optional 30° or 45° bends.