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Multi-Mesh universal auto tarp with flaps for waste Roll-Offs and refuse trucks. This tarp will fit systems like the Pioneer Rack and Pinion and similar auto tarp systems.

8'5" Wide that tapers to 7'10" wide X 28' Long. Flaps fold in to accommodate 8' width

  • Constructed with Multi-Mesh that is made in the USA
  • Stainless Steel Grommets every 3' around the perimeter and every 1' along both pockets 
  • 5' of reinforcement vinyl at both ends to help with corner wear
  • Vinyl reinforced double lock stitched pockets
  • Seat-belt webbing sewn around perimeter for reinforcement 

Pioneer Rack and Pinion Multi-Mesh Universal Auto Tarp with Flaps 8'5" X 28'

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