HR1500H Tuff Tarper

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  • Manufacturer Pioneer Coverall
  • Part Number PC-HR1500H

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Pioneer HR1500H Tuff-Tarper with Hydraulic Gantry

The Tuff-Tarper systems are designed for single axle cable hoist and hooklift trucks. These systems can cover open-top, fixed height containers ranging from 8' to 16'. The HR1500HS is a hydraulic tarp system for single axle hook lift trucks which features:

  • A Direct Drive Hydraulic Motor for quiet, smooth and steady movement
  • An Adjustable Roller Assembly mounted on a Hydraulic Gantry with a Vertical range of 60" to 96"
  • Uses your truck's pre-existing hydraulic system
  • This unit comes with Reinforced STEEL Side Mounted Pivot Arms
  • Heavy Duty Reverse Wound Torsion Springs assist pivot arm movement in deployment
  • For driver's safety, a flow diverter and control valve help to operate the roller at lower pressures
  • Easy Installation
  • Low maintenance

Comes with Heavy Duty Tarp

The Tuff-Tarper Advantage

The HR1500HS uses your pre-existing hydraulic system and is powered by a right angle hydraulic direct-drive motor/gearbox combo. As the tarp is deployed, the hydraulic motor unwinds the cover from the roller while the torsion-spring powered pivot arms move to cover the load. These units come standard with a 9' wide expandable Heavy Duty Mesh Tarp.

Parts Included:

  • Roll Pin (5/16" x 1 1/2")
  • Arm Mounting Bracket
  • Retaining Ring (Side Mount)
  • Left and Right Side Base Arm (Side Mount)
  • Upper Arm 9' 6" (Steel)
  • 2 Straight Bow Corners
  • Cover Spring
  • Rear Section 9' (Steel)
  • 90° ELL
  • Clevis Pin with Cotter
  • Roller Assembly
  • Gantry Assembly
  • -8 SAE M x -8 JIC F 90° ELL
  • Flow Diverter at 5 GPM
  • SAE M Plug
  • Chassis Mounting Angle
  • Gantry Cylinder 36" Lift
  • Cover Control Valve ( 2 Spool)
  • Hydraulic Hose (-6 x 9')
  • Hydraulic Hose (-6 x 6')
  • -6 SAE M x -6 JIC F 90° ELL
  • -6 SAE M x -8 JIC M Straight Adapter and AN Adapter 

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